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Welcome to IM Models

IM Models has been formed to promote the Hobby of Nitro RC Car racing.  Our goal is to encourage people, young and old, into the Hobby and help them maintain interest by helping them through the stages from Novice to Expert.
There are many sections on this site but the main focus is on Information for Nitro RC Car enthusiasts.  The site will be constantly changing with more information being added regularly so please come back to view our latest information.
If you feel you can contribute to our website then please feel free to email your contributions to us and we will happily publish them after reviewing the contents.
We will also promote race meetings where the main events will be designed around testing driver skills rather than the depth of an individuals pocket.  We aim to run two series where each driver will drive the same type of car and therefore be tested on their driving skills alone.  The cars chosen for these series will be the Kyosho Pureten (On Road) and the Kyosho MP Buggy range (Off Road).  Both of these cars can be found in our shop, or they will be available for hire at our track meets if you just fancy joining in to have a go.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:

IM Models Ltd.* Malvern Gate * Bromwich Rd. * Worcester * WR2 4BN